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    PROPERLY SERVICES Ltd. is specialized in relatively wide range of services in the area of professional cleaning - complete constructions, also in industry, sanitation and disinfection in all public and private spheres. Besides quality and diverse machinery equipment, we have an experienced and qualified human resource. We strive to implement flexible individual solutions tailored to the wishes and needs of our customers as well as to maintain the high quality of our services. What is our offer:


    Diamond grinding, polishing and protection (crystallization, impregnation, sealing) of mosaics and natural stone flooring.


    Complex post-construction and post-repair cleaning.


    Post-construction repairs
    Pouring and laying mosaics (Roman, Venetian).


    Green areas
    Develompement and support of grass areas (parks, gardens, etc.)

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    Grinding natural stone floors such as marble , mosaics , limestone , granite, gneiss , travertine or other is the process of machining - grinding, aiming to recover the utmost initial state of the pavement. Usually ground fairly old and worn floors, which over the years have lost their gloss and shine on the surface has different depth scratches , and different in origin pollution. All this can not be removed with conventional cleaning methods . Not a few , however, and where to grinding natural stone flooring resort and new , soon laid floors - sanding is the only option to remove the differences in the levels and edges between tiles.

    What is the process " grinding " - mechanical withdrawal using hard abrasive tools / diamond / part of the top layer of pavement . Whether sanding will be submerged or finely depending on the thickness of the layer that is to be withdrawn from the surface of the flooring . When there is no difference in level between the individual plates or penetrating the surface contamination , do not have deep treatment - in many cases, removal of 1 mm . or even less is sufficient to restore the color . Given that the grinding seek removal of a certain amount of material used diamond fixtures with high abrasion that leave the surface in 'raw' form - hence the need for the next action in the processing - polishing.

    The polishing process is not related to the level of withdrawal - main role of smoothing the surface after the coarser machining. The degree of polish depend on gloss , color and shine of the surface . The process of polishing represents repeated and consistent treatment by reducing abrasion tools to maximize the smoothness of the surface. Etc. " Mirror effect " on the stone floor is prepared by virtue of their high degree of polish . Different emulsions / waxes, crystallizers , etc. . / Who subsequently applied to the treated surface can boost its luster , but the main factor remains the degree of polishing.

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    Each stone has a different absorption effect . Granite , for example, is a stone with very low absorption , and this onachava that povecheto case he does not need the application of protective coatings. Alternatively a marble and others. limestone - they are porous and absorb liquids of different density . If liquid is spilled different from its color , the surface turns . The removal of such coloring can be done only by diamond grinding, it must be borne in mind that even if this type of treatment does not guarantee that the color will be restored.

    The impregnant is a substance that penetrates to about 1.5 mm. in the surface layer of the stone, according to the type of rock and its pores , thereby preventing the ingress of liquids and certain impurities. They remain at the surface and more easily cleaned . When is applied properly, impregnant does not affect the structure and appearance of the stone. The main purpose of impregnation is to protect the interior of the natural stone from staining . It protects against moisture uptake and liquids, but does not protect the surface of the pavement from mechanical and chemical effects.

    To protect the surface layer of natural stone sealing emulsions are used - sealant creates a protective film on the surface of the stone. It is important to know that no impregnation or sealant are one hundred percent repulsive effect - if there is a spill on the rock / oil, coffee, wine , etc . / He left uncleaned for long enough , then the likelihood of penetration and the surface will be stain . Impregnation sealant retard the penetration and allow pollution to be cleaned prior to obtaining a coloring of the stone. Preprachitelno is every stone such as marble, limestone , travertine be sealed even when it is inserted . When the surface is new and equitable , needs no special machining - grinding or polishing, it is sufficient to be cleaned in order to apply the selected protective coating . Should not neglect the fact that apart from the surface of the stone sealant prevents pollution and the joints between the tiles . Timely application of a protective coating on new or recently processed / polished and polished / flooring is a preventive measure that will help to maintain its aesthetic appearance over time, will increase its durability and ease her maintenance.

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    Cleaning services we offer can generally be divided into two categories: primary and supportive (subscription) cleaning. Thorough cleaning includes activities that take place over a period of time and that in 95% of cases, specialized equipment. Such activities include: Mechanical cleaning of hard floors, washing of carpets and upholstery, cleaning stone cladding of walls, etc.. This includes services such as washing windows and frames at different heights, cleaning bathrooms / faience / cleaning furniture, cleaning of office and household appliances and others. In many cases, thorough cleaning is a complex service: thorough cleaning according to the specifics of pomeshteniyato and customer requirements - floors, windows, bathrooms, furniture, etc..

    Maintenance cleaning is a service that is used primarily by companies and organizations and is a daily and / or weekly maintenance of hygiene in offices, administrative and commercial buildings. The service is offered as a monthly subscription - performed by our employees with equipment and supplies " PS" . Specific activities will be further specified according to customer requirements and specifics of the premises. Usually the service includes: wet cleaning of hard floors , vacuuming , wiping dust from furniture and equipment , cleaning and disinfection of toilets , waste disposal , delivery and supply of hygiene materials and supplies;


    Thorough cleaning of buildings, offices and homes after construction or repair work performed. Besides the above services include activities such as removal of traces of grout, plaster, plaster, adhesives, paints, construction waste removal, application of protective coatings on surfaces of natural materials - wood / furniture, parquet / stone surfaces - marble, limestone, granite, etc..

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    Given the variety of hard floor coverings, they generally can be divided into two categories - natural flooring materials such as marble, mosaic, different limestone flooring, granite and others. and plastic floors - terracotta tiles, pvc flooring, laminate and more. When it comes to stone floors in most cases the term "machine cleaning floors" is not quite accurate. Given the porous structure, this type of flooring allow dirt to penetrate deeply and their removal with surface treatment is ineffective - for their restoration is necessary to carry out grinding.

    Engine cleaning floors does not detract from the surface of the pavement - in floors such as tiles, granite and others. impurities are not deep. However, very often cleaned using detergents and hand techniques is impossible - this applies especially to some unpolished and / or embossed kinds of tiles in which dirt infiltrated relief. Cleaning this type of flooring is a treatment - rub and rub with detergent disc machine with a stiff brush or with different abrasion discs - pads. Pads are flexible abrasive discs with a thickness of 5 cm, which in combination with the weight of the machine and the high speed rotation, allows to follow the topography of the surface without leaving unworked portions of the floor. Get dirty solution is collected using vodoizsmukvashti machines (professional water vacuum) to complete drying.

    The variety of flooring and different degree and nature of contamination determine the choice of technology for cleaning floors. Whether using discs or brushes, what type of preparation will be selected , will there be a need for pre-treatment , etc. are matters to be decided according to the specifics and the specific condition of the pavement. Whatever option is chosen , the basic principle of simultaneous mechanical cleaning / cleaning machine / chemical treatment and the treated surface to a complete degradation of pollutants and their elimination. Some floors of plastic / ceramic tiles, PVC-flooring and more. / Made after machine cleaning can be sealed - Application of protective emulsion that protects the surface and easy daily maintenance.

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    І. Prices

    1. Machine washing of hard floor coverages - 1.50 лв./sq.m
    2. Grinding and polishing of floor coverages from natural stone - 18.50 лв./sq.m.
    3. Grinding and polishing of stairs and vertical surfaces - after inspection
    4. Natural stone floor coverages protection - 2.50/5.50 лв./sq.m.
    5. Pool cleaning - 3.00 лв./cub.m.
    6. Window and shop-fronts washing - 1.30 лв./sq.m.
    7. Window and shop-fronts cleaning through alpean method - after inspection
    8. Soft coverages machine washing - 1.20 лв./sq.m.
    9. „Professional porteer” - after inspection and negotiation
    10. Development and support of green areas - after inspection and negotiation

    ІІ. Other terms

    Prices are calculated without VAT and are subject of negotiating, after precising the terms and volumes.
    Ways and terms of payment: according Contract – advance, followed by weekly payments, after Act 19 and invoice.
    Execution terms: no more than the sufficient work days required, to keep up with the techological requirements.

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    I. Diamond grinding, polishing and protection.
    Diamond grinding, polishing and protection (crystallization, impregnation, sealing) of mosaics and natural stone flooring.

    II. Complex cleaning
    Complex post-construction and post-repair cleaning of residential, administrative, public and industrial buildings, hotels, retail, industrial and storage facilities and others. Disinfection. Cleaning (collection and transportation) of all kinds of garbage – building and non-building. Machine washing and protection of natural and artificial hard surfaces. Machine washing of soft floorings /moquette, carpets, etc./ Washing of windows and shop-fronts as well as facades of high altitude. Cleaning interiors of buildings. Pool cleaning and desinfection. Daily support cleaning.

    III. Post-construction repairs.
    Pouring and laying mosaics (Roman, Venetian).

    IV. Cleaning
    Cleaning (collection and transportation) of all kinds of waste - buiding and non-building.

    V. Green areas
    Develompement and support of grass areas (parks, gardens, etc.) Design and construction of watering systems.

    VI. Professional porteer” service.“.

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    IV. Cleaning
    Cleaning (collection and transportation) of all kinds of waste - buiding and non-building.

    V. Green areas
    Develompement and support of grass areas (parks, gardens, etc.) Design and construction of watering systems.

    VI. Professional porteer” service.“.

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